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The Doctor Says That I Just Have To Learn To Live With This Pain

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Unfortunately, I heard this too many times as well. Oftentimes, it is not necessarily the fault of the doctor, but a product of the healthcare system. Many primary doctors only get 3-5minutes of actual face time with each patient visit, because they are required to book their schedules to the max. That does not give much time for the doctor to get a very accurate diagnosis and plan of care started. Patients with musculoskeletal pain are often given a prescription for pain medication, muscle relaxers, or strong anti-inflammatories.

Only 10% of the patient population that could benefit from physical therapy, get a referral. That means 90% of the patients with musculoskeletal pain are getting treatment that is not backed up by evidence and could ultimately worsen their condition. They will admit that physical therapists are also to blame in this scenario, as we do not do well in marketing and selling our profession. We often cringe when we hear the word ‘selling,’ asif we feel sleazy for thinking of ourselves as salespeople. However, by not marketing and selling our services, we are depriving patients of the chance to get better with evidence-based methods. I’ve been amazed at how many patients didn’t realize that we treat neck and back pain, because they thought that only chiropractors did that. There are still many doctors that truly don’t know the value of physical therapy, and, again, some of the blame needs to be put on the physical therapy profession for not advocating enough for our services. Hopefully, in the near future, every doctor’s first instinct will be sending a patient to physical therapy instead of scheduling an MRI or sending them home with pain medication.

Where can Go From Here| Spine Rehab at Home

If you have no idea where to start with your exercise routine,would recommend seeking out help from a professional (i.e. physical therapist or personal trainer) specially trained in creating successful wellness programs for older adults that are tailored to their goals. If you would like me to be the one to help you in this journey, my information is below. If you do not live in Missouri or Illinois, I would love to help get you set up with someone in your area that is qualified to give you the best care possible.

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