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‘I’ve Had Physical Therapy In The Past And I Never Got Any Better’

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Here is my first question to the patient about his first experience in physical therapy treatment:What types of things did they have you do at your last therapy experience? Oftentimes, I find that this person maybe rode the bike for 10-15 minutes, then went to a treatment table where they performed a series of exercises while laying on their back, side, or stomach, got put on electrical stimulation with heat or ice, then went home. Unfortunately, this situation is all too common in busy outpatient clinics where therapists are encouraged to see 3-4 patients each hour in order to make a bigger profit for the company. This doesn’t allow for proper customization of patient programs, and some patients do not meet their goals or even make any progress at all. have built my company, Spine Rehab at Home, to change those standards. Our sessions are 1-on-1, so that we can develop a program that is customized to each patient’s goals. We don’t have productivity standards to meet like otherbig clinics, so we are able to use our time to focus on your needs. If the above example is something that you have experienced in other therapy clinics, encourage you to find a clinic that can guarantee 1-on-1 treatment, so that your needs are met.

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