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Betty S.

I highly recommend Dr. Kyle Winters. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and patient. I am 82 years old and had back, hip and neck shoulder pain, plus stiff joints in walking. After doing a thorough assessment, Dr. Winters set up a PT program for me, with exercises that could be done in my home. During his therapeutic services, he provided a portable PT table, exercise weights, bands, etc. After much improvement in decreasing my pain and increasing function, my physical therapy treatments were concluded. Dr. Winters then designed and provided a PT program for me to continue and do at home.

Karen M.

Kyle is a terrific PT. He zeroed in on my issues and immediately employed the therapy and exercises that would ultimately lead to a cure. Kyle performed the therapy at my house which was bonus. I would highly recommend Kyle.

Jennifer M.

I worked with Kyle to support me in maintaining my running routine and avoiding knee and hip pain. I have worked with many wonderful PTs, and I can say that Kyle was one of the first who outlined such a simple, manageable and effective plan. He is a caring and professional therapist, who I would feel 100% confident in referring my own clients to. Having a therapist come to me - versus me going to them - was a game changer. You don't miss sessions when they come to you! It was convenient, practical and my knees and hip are better for it.

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